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Here at Canada Cup Gaming we get a LOT of questions. So in an effort to get more information out to all of you we will continue to answer questions as they come up.


Q: When will you be hosting a tournament in my city!?

A: For the 2011 Tournament Year we will only be hosting events in Calgary, AB. We are looking into hosting across Canada but this year has been moving by to fast with to many developments to count. We may host outside of Calgary in 2012 but nothing is decided yet and won’t be discussed until after the 2011 Canada Cup.


Q: I want to volunteer for your next event! What can I do to help?

A: We always love to hear from people in the community eager to pitch in on the next Canada Cup Gaming Event. If you want to help out the best way to get us is by


Q: I want to partner with Canada Cup Gaming for cross promotion or sponsor a Canada Cup Gaming event.

A: For any requests for partnership and cross promotion please e-mail


Q: What happened to the store?

A: Unfortunately since we stopped carrying arcade sticks interest in the store front dropped significantly to the point where we were paying to keep something open that people just didn’t visit. It was in our best interests to return to just selling Canada Cup Gaming merchandise live at our events.


Q: Didn’t the FAQ used to be a lot bigger?

A: Yes but we removed all of the store related questions.