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We get a LOT of questions, and we’re always happy to answer. We will update the FAQ frequently as we get more common questions.


Q: I want to volunteer for your next event! What can I do to help?

A: We always love to hear from people in the community eager to pitch in on the next Canada Cup Gaming Event. If you want to help out the best way to get us is by e-mailingĀ Very soon we will have a volunteer sign up form for Canada Cup 2016.

Q: I want to partner with Canada Cup Gaming for cross promotion or sponsor a Canada Cup Gaming event.

A: For any requests for partnership and cross promotion please e-mailĀ

Q: I pre-registered, but forgot to select a game I want to join! How can I get this added to my pre-registration?

A: We can add games prior to registration cut off. You will need to send $10 to via PayPal and e-mail us at with your registration info and the game you wish to add.